Studio 9

Starting later this summer are nine programmes entitled ‘The Young Tigers’ in which people who have achieved fame by the time they were 30 are interviewed. Pictured here is John Bloom with interviewer Jack Hargreaves.

Meanwhile Studio 9 had taken on a new mantle. Gone were the slides, screens and stills of the exhibition. In had come the desks, teleprinters, microphones and cameras for the minute-by-minute report by ITN, serviced by Rediffusion, on the Greater London Council election results.

A flurry of graphic designers made sure that the right captions, tastefully designed, were ready at the right moment. Leading politicians and candidates gave their views as the news came in. At 2.32 a.m. the ITN newsroom staff and their technicians, plus 45 Rediffusion employees, called it a night.

The London area had once again been told the important political news as it happened.


PartyVotesVotes %CandidatesSeats won
Waltham Forest Residents' Association5,8580.330
Christian Independent2,8950.110
New Liberal2,4740.130
Union Movement2,3530.120