Chaos at the Empire Pool

Another scene from the Mod Ball with The Merseybeats in action.

On Wednesday, April 8 the exhibition disappeared. Chaos came to the Empire Pool, Wembley. By evening, 8,000 teenagers had gathered to flex their throat muscles in a babble of chatter as they prepared for a screaming time at the Mod Ball. Never before had so many come to one place to hear so much. The Mods were having a night out.

A distinguished member of the staff of Rediffusion wandered, bewildered, on to the dance floor. A small, plump, round-shouldered girl with a fringe hair-cut sarcastically asked him: ‘Shall we waltz, or would you prefer a minuet?’ The Rolling Stones were nearly reduced to the Bouncing Chippings as the fans descended upon them after a number. Eight thousand teenagers had a heck of a time.

Hot news? No. Significant? Yes. The teenagers of today are the parents of tomorrow. Through programmes like the Mod Ball and ‘Ready, Steady, Go!’, Rediffusion entertains them with the things they want to see; the noise they want to hear. A demand has been met. More will be met in the future.